What is Autonomic Response Testing?

(Muscle Testing)


The Problem in Medicine


The fundamental problem in medicine today, despite all of its high-tech developments, is the inability to make an accurate and correct diagnosis. Some time ago I arrived at the understanding that the ability to treat can be no better than the ability to diagnose. This explains the limited usefulness of most medical treatments today. Because there is no real ability to make a true diagnosis there is no real ability to heal. In recognition of this fact, it is commonly preached in modern medicine that cures are not possible, and anyone claiming the ability to cure is a quack! The aim is not for a cure, but the management of disease – for profit!


Fancy unpronounceable diagnostic terminology is only a disguise that hides ignorance about what is actually going on. Multimillion-dollar, high-tech equipment, although impressive to the eye, is yet at best a clumsy indirect try at diagnosis that is more often wrong than right. Further even in the case where a correct diagnosis has been made- how good is the treatment? Is the recommended treatment- usually a drug- any good? Usually not.

For the most part, drugs do not and cannot heal the body for the simple reason that the body is not the result of drugs. There never has been and there never will be a deficiency for a drug that is responsible for a disease state in the body. The truth is the body is the result of food! Therefore, the proper way of diagnosis and treatment must entail something to do with food and nutrition.


Autonomic Response Testing (“muscle testing”) as used by Dr. Alim has the capability to make both a nutritional diagnosis and determine a nutritional treatment program in a way that is highly accurate, individualized, safe, non-invasive, painless, effective, and highly acceptable to almost everyone.


Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a system of communication between the ART practitioner and the “wordless intelligence” of the body. The “educated intelligence” of the ART practitioner is used to interpret the communication from the body mediated through the unconscious intelligence of the autonomic nervous system.


The autonomic nervous system is the vast wisdom of the body that built the body originally and has the almost infinite capacity to repair it when something has gone wrong. This innate intelligence of the body knows every detail of everything that has to do with the functioning and the survival of the body at every instant of time. Properly addressed, by means of autonomic response testing, any and every question concerning the condition of the body can be known flawlessly. The body speaks plainly for itself directly with no need for interpretation.


The communication process of autonomic response testing is an interactive dialogue, involving both practitioner and patient. Both experience the process of information exchange for themselves, and the findings are a shared experience that is marked by a high degree of certainty. The results of ART are highly reproducible and can be confirmed to be correct time after time after time. With this degree of certainty, it therefore follows that the ability to treat will be unmatched by anything that modern medicine is able to offer through drugs administered according to clinical “guesses.” Not only that but compliance to treatment is high, because of the shared nature of the ART experience. In other words, the patient does not have to take the “expert opinion” of the practitioner in the white coat on faith, but actually shares fully in the conviction that the diagnosis and treatment are correct. The wordless intelligence of the body does not require a worded diagnosis. The nature of the ART diagnosis is as solid as the body and the treatment is as solid as the nutrition called for in the form of whole food supplements or whole foods. The only mystery involved is the transcendent mystery of life itself!

How Does Autonomic Response Testing Work?


Autonomic response testing works on the basis of the electrical energetic nature of the body. While this may sound esoteric and complicated, in reality, it is a part of common everyday experience. Most people are aware of and accepting of the fact that the heart is electrical and that the function of the heart can be clearly demonstrated through an Electro-Cardiogram (EKG). The same is true of the function of the brain, the electrical activity of which can be recorded on the electroencephalogram (EEG). An EEG records brain waves; the EKG records “heart waves.” These electrical waves reflect the functional state of the heart as it beats and the brain as it thinks.


In fact, all parts of the body are electrical and produce recordable electrical signals that demonstrate function. These electrical signals radiate continuously from the whole human body thus making the human body its own diagnostic instrument. The electrical impulses generated by the living body are not just energy but, also contain vast amounts of information about the body and its various parts and functions. In other words, through an interaction with these electrical signals a full reading of the body’s condition is possible. Thus, ART is the energetic interaction between the ART practitioner and patient because the ART practitioner is also electrical.

The system of communication of the body, like a computer, is binary coded in ones and zeros. The binary system of communication of the body is mediated through the two branches of the autonomic nervous system- the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). A sympathetic response produces a strong muscle (a one), and a parasympathetic response produces a weak muscle (a zero).


Properly conducted, this binary system of communication through the two branches of the autonomic nervous system accurately conveys information about the body and all of its parts, making it the perfect diagnostic method. Why is it perfect? Because it is utilizing the most sophisticated instrument in the universe-more complex than the most advanced supercomputer or analytic chemical laboratory in the world- the body itself!


Not only does the electrical nature of the body come into play on the diagnostic side, but the electrical nature of the body also helps to determine the proper treatment program. Nutritional therapy consists of the use of whole food supplements and diet to bring about a beneficial healthy change in the body. Because food is alive, and because properly constituted whole food supplements are alive, they also have their own electrical signals. The interaction between the electrical signal of a whole food supplement and the body will change the pattern of weak and strong reflexes. For example, a whole food supplement that is placed on or near the body that produces a strengthening of a previously weak reflex is the proper whole food supplement for that individual. A whole food supplement that produces a weak indicator muscle is not. The group of supplements that strengthen all body reflexes is the right nutritional program for that body at that time!


Because the nutritional program is correct it will change the body in a positive way in the direction of better health. This truth will be reflected in repeat ART exams over a period of time. As the ART exam findings change, so too will the nutritional program change until eventually the body is brought into a stable state of vibrant good health.


Autonomic response testing (ART) is not magic- it is the pure science of the body. And best of all- it works!


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