Dr. Alim’s Anti-Viral Protocol

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Prevention Is Nutrition:

  • Addlife Super Green Powder & Green Cake
  • Bio-Dynamic Farm Produce
  • Raw Milk & Honey Butter Eggs Vegetables Poultry Ice Cream & Everything Else!
  • PAXIMUNE Immune Spray

Treatment Protocol If Illness Occurs  (typical daily suggested adult doses)

May be used with or without PAXIMUNE

Suggest: Arrange for a Personal Remote ART Consultation with Dr Alim

Begin the following for 2 weeks! 

Repeat as necessary at reduced dosages (3/day for each oral supplement)

Cataplex AC- 6

Cataplex D-6

Cataplex E-6

Catalyn- 6

Trace Minerals-6

Calcium Lactate Powder-1-3 Tbs as directed

Congaplex- 6

Immuplex-  6

Antronex- 3

Cal Amo- 3

Okra Pepsin- 3 with meals

Paximune- 2-4 sprays

Additional Protocols Available

Professional Remote ART Consultation:

Address Request To Dr Alim at:


(Revised 11Dec23)

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