The New 4 Part Spike Protein Protocol by Dr Abdul Alim Muhammad



Intended for use by those individuals who have been inoculated with the spike protein bearing mRNA Gene Therapy Operating System (referred to as the Covid19 Vaccine).

It is especially recommended for those suffering from the symptoms of the long term clinical effects of spike protein poisoning caused by the shot or picked up indirectly via self-spreading contagion from Vaxxed people (airborne, skin contact, body fluids,etc).

Often labeled “long Covid19” these are the symptoms addressed by this newly revised version of the Your Immunity Project Spike Protein/Anti-Viral Protocol.

These recommendations are based on remote ART examination of 22 test subjects as reported earlier this year by Dr Abdul Alim Muhammad MD.


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Part One

PAXIMUNE (daily sprays as indicated)

Part Two

HOMEOPATHICS (Cedron, Crotalus, Vipera)

Part Three


Part Four


MC6 & NK7 (as per ART exam)*

In Addition:

Organ Specific Treatments as needed if pre-existing conditions exist.

DIET: high fat, high protein, low glycemic index; home-cooked fresh non-GMO; no food products; Filtered Shungite Water, etc

(Raw Milk; Addlife Super Green Powder; Green Cake; Scientific Bean Soup; Celtic Sea Salt)

Remember Prayer


*Please submit three photographs full length front & back along with side view of head & neck to determine which Al-Ghani Enzyme Blend works best.

Send to along with brief history to:

**Homeopathics are widely available online & in health food stores


Anti-Viral Protocol Supplements

Standard Process

Cataplex AC- 6

Cataplex D-6

Cataplex E-6

Catalyn- 6

Trace Minerals-6

Calcium Lactate Powder-1-3 Tbs as       directed

Congaplex- 6

Immuplex- 3 to 6

Antronex- 3

Cal Amo- 3

Okra Pepsin- 3 with meals

Paximune- 2-4 sprays


(Use higher doses for more severe symptoms)


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Dr Alim