Paximune 2 oz bottle

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Paximune 2 oz bottle

Amount per dose: Sodium(Chloride) 1.75mg, Protein(Bovine) 6mcg

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, HCl, Potassium Sorbate

Client Testimonial

“ASA Doctor Alim, I want to thank you for the amazing Paximune, my mom was in bad shape a few days ago. She is 90 years old and has dementia, also rheumatoid arthritis which deformed her hands and feet., blind in one eye, high blood pressure and has been fighting with Pneumonia off and on, in and out of the hospital…. Well, a few days ago she became very, very weak she was slumped over, could not feed herself, could not hold her head up could not stand up.
I managed to get her on the bed, contemplating, should I take her to the hospital, which I didn’t want to do. For I have not trust in any more because how she has been treated throughout the years. I ordered the Paximune, which was expected to arrive a day later but came a day before about 7:00 pm. I managed to get 3 squirts in her mouth and to my amazement 15 minutes later, I’m in the kitchen cleaning up, and she calls out to me, DO YOU WANT ME TO GET UP AND HELP YOU ? I said WOW !!! ALLAH UH AKBAR, my eyes filled with tears….mom was cleaning her dresser off which she hasn’t done in a very, very long time.
Thank you much Dr. Alim, I Thank Allah for you and all that you do. Many, many blessings to you.”-ENM

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